Development and test technology of intelligent equipment based on Model

2019 KeLiang User Group Conference, a 3-Day event brings together well-known scholars and peers to network, share insights and exchange knowledge and experience on the latest developments. Hereby we sincerely invite our customers, partners and everyone who is interested to join us to witness our growth! 

Conference theme

We sincerely invite experts who are engaged in research and development and production testing in the following application areas to share your practical experience with us.

Integrated energy system
Safe and stable operation technology of large-scale power grid
Development and application of control and protection device for DC power grid
Ship/aircraft/satellite power system
Power electronic control system
Intelligent Car
Bright spot of the meeting
Participate in hands-on demonstrations
Gain insight into the cutting-edge simulation & test technologies
Apply for private meeting
Discuss and exchange with experts and peers in the industries face to face
Attend high-end technical workshops & symposiums
Learn from innovative users’ practical test solutions and project experience
Conference note

Price (Including conference catering, other expenses will be your responsibility.)

wEarly bird: RMB 1,200 before May 31st, 2019 wRegular:  RMB 1,500 

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