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KL2636 Battery Cell Simulator


KL2636 is a high precision battery simulator, which can be controlled by real-time emulator or PC. By replacing different MATLAB / Simulink battery models, the simulation and output of various battery characteristics can be realized. The product can be used in automotive, aerospace, ship, micro-grid and other fields, to assist the designers of energy storage and power battery management system (BMS) research and manufacturing units in this field, to achieve the control strategy research, testing and verification. The product fuctions include: battery detection, charging and discharging control, battery protection strategy, current balance, SOC calculation, SOH calculation, charging and discharging power calculation, etc.

Composition and principle

The standard configuration of KL2636 battery monolithic simulator is composed of 36 voltage analog channels, 9 temperature analog channels and fault injection modules (which can be combined freely according to actual demand and the number of temperature channels). Voltage analog channels support active and passive equalization, and each channel has a current acquisition function for closed-loop testing of equalization process. Temperature simulation channel can simulate the process of battery temperature change, and it is connected with BMS temperature monitoring module in the form of thermistor output. The fault injection module includes fault simulation of single unit and fault simulation of temperature acquisition. It can simulate short circuit of single unit, open circuit between units, open circuit of temperature sampling line, short circuit and so on.


Product Features

Modular architecture

The product follows the generalized, modular design, plug-in structure, and is divided into main control board, voltage analog board, temperature analog board and fault simulation board according to functions. It’s convenient for product repair, replacement and upgrade. The voltage and temperature analog boards can be freely configured according to actual needs, within the product capacity range.

High Dynamic Response

The product's voltage analog interface features high dynamic response. High dynamic response ensures consistency of model output and physical interface output in real-time simulation. The current 3A current can reach 1V/uS voltage climb rate, which meets the test requirements of the user battery management system.

Distributed Control

The product is based on FPGA parallel processing technology, and the internal high-speed serial port is used as the communication interface to realize the master-slave distributed control of each functional module. All the single-cell voltage of the product configuration can be changed synchronously within 150us, and it supports automatic topology scanning, soft reset, parallel control, point-to-point polling, etc.